Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas Package Received: Anna Marie!

Anna Marie's package arrived at her agency office almost three weeks before Christmas, but she did not pick it up until January 7! So she'll have to wait until next Christmas to enjoy some of the holiday-themed items included. Interestingly, I received the response packet BEFORE I received her CW letter (which I am still waiting for).

She is just as lovely in these photos as she is in her annual photo! She hasn't grown much in the past couple years, though--she is wearing that same shirt in her 2011 annual photo. Hopefully her Birthday and Easter gifts will be clothes, so she has some variety!

My friend Minie saw these photos and excitedly told me that she was from the same Service Area as Anna Marie! What a small world! She commented on the collage, which she has a small photo of still.

Anna Marie's thank-you letter is straight-forward and formal--unsurprising, since hers is a new Sponsorship for me and we haven't had the chance to get to know each other at all yet. She writes:

Dear Ms. Dillon,

A pleasant day to you. I hope and pray that you're in the best of everything.

I just want to say thank you for the package that you gave to me. These are Christmas card, toothbrush, best friend necklaces set, 2 pack tissue paper, 30 pcs hair elastics, comb, washcloth, a pair of colored sock, 3 bar soap, 1 pack pentel ball pen, and 6 pcs Marry and Co pencil pack, 6 pcs pencil, calculator, 2 pad post it, small spiral notebook, 2013 calendar, and 1 bar wylar light juice. I'm so happy to receive those things and I'm so very proud for having a generous sponsor like you.

Thank you very very much to all the things and support specially in my studies. May God shower you his blessings for your kindness.

Your sponsored youth,
Anna Marie

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