Friday, January 18, 2013

First DP Reply: Yulliana!

I found two exciting envelopes in the mailbox today, both bearing the beloved CI logo! One proclaimed, "Enclosed is a special message from your sponsored child, Yulliana." The other was the same type of envelope, but without any indication on the front of its contents. It felt thicker than the average letter, too, so I was curious and I scurried quickly inside to open it.

"Photos!" was my first ecstatic thought. This second envelope turned out to be from Yulliana, as well, and contained the photos and thank-you letter for her Christmas DP!

She writes:


Dear Shannon,

Hello! I received the direct package you sent me. Like, Chistmas card, coloring book, comb, socks, t-shirt, pencils, calculator, towel, magic towel, mini notebook, rubber eraser, juice, tissue paper, crayons, tooth brush, ball pen, ruler, shoe lace, soap, calendar and play rack. I am very happy with these items. I am so excited to use it and share it to my family.

I am grade two now. Merry Christmas!

Thank you for gift to me.

Love, Yulliana Nicole

I think it's so sweet that she will share her goodies with her family!

I'm not entirely sure what "play rack" is referring to! "Magic towel" are those towels that are scrunched up real tight in different shapes, and expand out to a normal washcloth when you put them in water for the first time. "Tissue paper" is actually the little pocket-size pouches of Kleenex--I was confused by that at first!

I am happy to see in one of the photos that the tee-shirt will fit her--if anything, it might be a tad too big, but she's still growing, so it should fit perfectly soon!

The report included with the photos and letter listed all the items in the package, and also said that Yulliana received her gifts on December 13th ... it arrived in time for Christmas!


  1. Awesome! Hey Shannon if you email CI or chat with them, they can email you the photos from the DP delivery. The quality is much better than when you try to scan or take pictures of the pics that they send you through the mail :-)

  2. Hi, Beth! I never knew that! Though I had wondered in the past why these photos don't show up in My Account under the photos section. I'll shoot them an email--thanks for the suggestion! =D