Monday, January 7, 2013

Two New Sponsorships!

I was working on this week's Spotlight Child of the Week blog--the first of 2013. I intend to focus this year's Spotlight on the minority and indigenous children in the countries CI serves, and so I was browsing specifically for these children in the Waiting List, opening each child's profile in a new tab as I found them. As I started to assemble them into order for the blog, I found myself thinking that two of the Mayan girls must be from the same area--their clothes were very similar. Then I noticed that each of their family incomes was listed at $78. And then I noticed that everything else about their family and home matched. "Siblings!" I thought excitedly.

Then I noticed that they will both celebrate their seventh birthday on January 18th. "OMG, TWINS!" I've been intrigued by the idea of sponsoring twins for quite a while, and so I was fairly bouncing off the couch with excitement.

Two quick clicks of the mouse, and two new Sponsorships were born. Smile

Without further ado, allow me to present Sandy Fabiola and Cindy Fabiola!

Sandy (left) enjoys playing with dolls, and her listed talent is drawing. Like her sister, Cindy also enjoys playing with dolls, and her listed talents are drawing and painting. The girls live with their parents and one other sibling--a younger sister named Natalia--in a concrete block and corrugated metal home. They have water and electricity, and they both attend school.

I can't wait to write to them, and to receive their first letters!

I love their outfits--they're so pretty! Green is my favorite color, and their blouses caught my attention long before I even had a notion that they might be related. Smile

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