Sunday, June 30, 2013

Anna Marie is a College Student!

Today, I received a very exciting envelope in the mail: the follow-up report, photos and letter from Anna Marie's first semester tuition SNG! My scanner is packed due to my recent move, but I can share the report and letter...

The report states:

Brief Description of Project:
Anna Marie received financial assitance for her continued education. She will be using the sponsor's donation to continue her tertiary level education to take the Bachelor of Science in Tourism per task ####### for 1st year of the first semester in college. The sponsor included extra funds to cover unexpected expenses or for Anna Marie to purchase something nice for herself. The sponsor would like a photo of the youth wearing her college uniform, if possible.

Though Anna Marie previously wanted to take BS Tourism, during the inquiry and entrance examination from a public university she was able to pass and opted to take a different course that is CS in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management.

Accomplished to Date:
Anna Marie passed the entrance examination and now enrolled in a state university near their home. She got an 86% in the result of the entrance examination. She took the BS in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management course, close to her first choice of course degree. She also bought school supplies and school uniform. Anna Marie is now ready for her first semester as a first year college student.

To Be Accomplished:
She will be attending her first class on June 10 and will provide updates to the Field Officer for her further needs in school.

Wow! That's a lot of information packed into one report, and all of it good news! It was possible to have photos of her in her uniform--I was so excited to receive them! I wondered about her change of choice in what to study, but she answered that in her thank-you letter...

Dear Sponsor,

Wonderful day to you my dear sponsor!
I am thankful for the big blessing you have shared with me. I am now taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management. It's my second choice course degree and aside from becoming a Flight Stewardess or Attendant I also would like to become a successful business woman. That is why I took my second choice course because I also want to learn about business when I have my own to help my family. Without your help, I wouldn't be able to pursue my dreams. I promise to give my best in my studies so you'll be happy and proud of me.
A million thanks for your kindness and generosity. May our almighty God shower more your blessings. Take care always.

With prayers,
Anna Marie

Anna Marie has such great dreams--I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to help this bright young woman reach for the stars!

I have a fundraiser on FirstGiving for Anna Marie's second semester (it was Love-Bombed at the end of May and is currently 32% complete!). With my recent demotion, there's no way I can swing the full amount myself, so I am especially grateful to everyone who has contributed so far--and to everyone who will contribute in the coming weeks! I am determined to keep Anna Marie in college, no matter what it takes.