Saturday, February 2, 2013

Letters from Yojana and Dianne

I found one of those beloved Children International envelopes in my mailbox today! Inside were two letters:  a CW from Dianne and a CP from Yojana.

Dear Ms. Dillon,

A very pleasant day to you!

My name is Dianne Alexis, but my friends and family also called me "Dianne" as my nickname. I am 9 years old, grade 4. Orange is my favorite color. I love to eat pork Adobo. Language and English are my favorite subjects. Watching TV is my hobby. Dancing is my talent. I want to be a professional teacher someday.

Thank you for choosing me as my sponsor.

Hugs and kisses,
Dianne Alexis

Lots of good information in her first letter! Her favorite color is orange ... just like Hazel's was. What a neat coincidence. I love that English is one of her favorite subjects!

Saludos querida Shannon

Querida madrina le cuento que estoy muy vien de salud alado de toda de mi familia. Espero de que usted este my vien de salud alado de su familia y de su novio tambien. Le cuento de que ya paso unas semanas de el dia de los santos y estubo muy alegre porque convibi muy alegre con mi familia. En estos dias estoy de vacaciones y estoy muy alegre y feliz porque gane el grado de tercero basico. Le contare un poco sobre mi estudio. Me gusta jugar basquetbool con mis amigas y la materia que mas me gusta es exprecian artistica porque me gusta divujar y pintar y mis maestras son muy divertidos. Despues de graduarme me gustaria segir estudiando y ayudando a mi famylia. My ciudad es muy alegre porque ay muchos arboles y pajaros al escuchar. El sonido es muy alegre y estar rodeado de muchas cosa tambien. Faltan unas cemanas para que llege la navidad. Estoy muy agradecida por esbribirme y mandarme su foto y de sus ermanas. Ay me las saluda y tamvien a su novio. Me despido de usted con vesas y abrazo con todo su familia.

Se despide con carino,
Yojana Aracely

Translation (mine, not CI's):

Greetings dear Shannon

Dear sponsor I tell you that I am very well of health along with all of my family. I hope that you are very well of health along with your family and your boyfriend too. I tell you that a few weeks ago was the Day of the Saints and I was very cheerful because I shared cheerfully with my family. These days I am on vacation and I am very cheerful and happy because I passed the third basic grade (9th grade). I will tell you a little about my study. I like to play basketball with my (female) friends and the subject I like the most is Artistic Expression because I like to draw and to paint and my teachers are very fun. After I graduate I would like to continue studying and helping my family. My city is very cheerful because there are many trees and birds to listen to. The sound is very cheerful and to be surrounded by many things is too. In a few weeks Christmas will arrive. I am very thankful for writing to me and sending me your photo and (photo of) your sisters. Greet them for me and also your boyfriend. I say goodby with kisses and hugs with all your family.

I say goodbye with love,

Such a cheerful letter! I am so glad that she wants to continue studying -- hopefully, I will be able to raise funds to help her pay for either college or technical training. I shot myself in the foot somewhat in that area--Yojana and Anna Marie will likely have college expenses at the same time, which will be costly! It's so worth it, though!

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