Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anna Marie's First Semester: Grades!

Anna Marie with a classmate.
I've received the final report for Anna Marie's first semester of college! She took a whopping NINE classes, including an all-day English class on Saturdays.

Her grades (GPE, letter equivalent) and courses were:
(1.5, A-) MTH 001 (Math)
(2.25, B-) SSC 001 (some sort of social science)
(1.75, B+) FIL 111 (Filipino, the equivalent of us taking English in college)
(1.75, B+) PHI 001 (philosophy)
(1.25, A) NSTP 1 (National Service Training Program, required for two semesters)
(2.0, B) ABS 001 (I can't read the teacher's handwriting very well. May be NBS, or ABC or NBC)
(1.5, A-) NSC 001 (natural science)
(2.0, B) ENG 111 (English)
(1.0, A+) P_O 111 (missing the middle letter, same teacher whose writing I couldn't read before).

Their system is stricter than here in the USA. It varies a bit from college to college, but at her school a "B" is 86%-88%, and a "B-" is 83%-85%. Her GWA of 1.6 is the equivalent of a 90% average! I'm so proud of her!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Anna Marie's First Semester Report

I received the final report for Anna Marie's first semester, and the news is fantastic! She passed all of her classes, and by now is part-way through her second semester.

Her letter says:

Dear Ms. Dillon,

A pleasant day to you! I hope you're fine and okay upon receiving this letter of mine.

Thank you for continued support to my studies now that I'm here in college. With your support I was able to finish my first semester, so I just want to thank you a lot and because of you I was able to start achieving my ambition to help my family and other siblings to finish their studies, too. I'm blessed and lucky to have you in my life.

More thanks to you for your sharing of your blessings to me. May God bless you always.

With Prayers,
Anna Marie

The report states that she was very happy to finish her first semester and is enrolled in the same course for her second semester. It also says her grades are attached ... but they're not. Whoops! I'll have to email C.I. about that, because I'm definitely curious!

They also included a "Beneficiary Information" page which says:

When Anna Marie received the donation that was intended for her continued education, she feels really blessed and grateful for the help she received from the sponsor. She knew the responsibility along with the support that is given to her. Anna Marie ensures that she's focused in order to give all of her time and effort in her studies. She is proud to be able to pass all her subjects during her first semester. Now, she's already continuing as a first year, second semester Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development Management.

Anna Marie was completely delighted and happy to share that she doesn't have to worry where to get her school expenses. Now, she has the bigger chance to lift their family from impoverishment as soon as she will be graduated and have her stable job. Mr. and Mrs. Arroyo want to share their warm thanks to the sponsor for the excessive support given to their family.

And it included a final, itemized expense report for the semester:

School fee for first semester: $72.96
School uniforms: $157.35
Educational support, June-Dec.: $396.38
School supplies: $73.40
Costume and field trip fee: $25.32
School fee for second semester: $24.84
Reserved for educational expenses for second semester: $149.75
Grand Total: $900

Woohoo! I was quite interested to see the itemized list--I was excited to see that the school fee for the second semester was already paid, and there was money left over! I sent the same amount again in September for the second semester, but knowing there was a cushion in case paperwork or processing took a little longer than expecting is definitely a comfort--her schooling wouldn't be interrupted.

Anna Marie turned eighteen last month--we've only got a year left before she graduates from the C.I. program! I'm going to have to decide how I want to go about financing the rest of her college education when that time arrives ... in the meantime, I have a fundraiser set up for her third semester (you can see it here). It's doing quite well already, thanks to Christmas, the Love Bomb, and Macky's winnings from the Aura's House raffle, which she generously gifted to Anna Marie's college fund!