Monday, January 21, 2013

Joining a New Group: Paola

Paola is something of a celebrity in the LiftOne community. She holds the honor of having been the very first group-sponsored child in the Children International program. Her group of Sponsors has been very active, and they have posted all sorts of wonderful blogs and photos about her.

Today, the lead Sponsor of the group posted a blog announcing that they were looking for two new Sponsors to join Team Paola. The timing was perfect--just last night I had been wishing I could join! So I sent a quick message to Mack, asking a couple questions about the logistics of the group--I'm already in Cristine's, of course, but each group handles things slightly differently. Answers came quickly, and Paola's group gained a new member!

I can't wait to send my first letter and some photos to her, and also to get to know the other Sponsors in the group!

Mack maintains another blog about the group's journey with Paola; you can see it here.

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