Saturday, February 9, 2013

Two Letters Today!

At last, my CW from Anna Marie has arrived! She writes:

Dear Ms. Dillon,

Hi! A pleasant day! Welcome to the Children International family! I am Anna Marie. I'm 16 years old. My favorite color are blue, black, pink. For me these are my lucky colors. My favorite subject are math, livelihood education, science and I'm happy because I'm graduating this year.

My favorite hobby's reading books. It's my pasttime. I spend most of my day in school. About my family, I have two brothers, one sister and my parents are simple yet kind and loving to us. They are the people who take care of us. I describe myself as a loving person, cheerful and generous, and also love pets.

These are some of the things about me. Thank you for sponsoring me. May God shower you with many blessings.

Sincerely yours,
Anna Marie

Awwww! "Welcome to the Children International family"--that's awesome! I'm happy that she told me her favorite colors--I can crochet her a blanket! I wonder what "livelihood education" is? She is graduating this year--I had been wondering if the changes in the Philippine school system would affect her. Apparently not.

I also received a CR from Jasmin, written by her older sister Louvie:

Dear Ms. Dillon,

Good day! How are you? I hope you and your family is in good condition.

On behalf of Jasmin Jane, my little sister, I'm her sister Louvie writing to you.

Christmas is near! Jasmin would like to greet you an advance merry merry Christmas and also a happy happy New Year! She's so excited for the Christmas day. She loves watching the glowing Christmas lights. She always wear Santa hat and she's fun of singing Christmas songs. She can't wait for the Christmas gifts she will receive. Jasmin loves Christmas!

We wish you a happy and a Merry Christmas!

With Big Hugs,

I love that Jasmin loves Christmas as much as I do! I remember my own childhood joy at driving through our neighborhood, looking at all the lights. And I love that she signed the letter, "With Big Hugs."

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