Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Christmas DP Received: Dianne!

A lovely surprise awaited me in my mailbox today: one of those beloved CI envelopes, stuffed with a letter and photos of Dianne! As you may recall, my child Hazel abruptly left the program in early December. Shortly thereafter, the DP I had sent to her for Christmas arrived at her SAO and Debbie asked me what I would like done with it. I inquired if it could be transferred to my new child, Dianne, and Debbie forwarded the request. That was the last I heard of it ... until today!

I hope the fact that the package and the enclosed card were addressed to Hazel wasn't confusing or traumatic for her -- hopefully, someone was able to gently explain why she was receiving gifts originally intended for someone else. I see that there is a note attached to the outside of the package, though I can't read what it says.

The enclosed report says that the package arrived at the SAO on December 14th--I'm not sure if that's when it arrived at Hazel's SAO or Dianne's, since they are at different ones--and she picked it up on January 16th, so she'll have to wait a bit to really enjoy some of the Christmas items!

Her thank-you letter says:

Dear Ms. Shannon Dillon,

Mabuhay! How are you? I hope you are fine.

I am very grateful for the wonderful gifts you sent me. I am very fortunate to be your sponsored child. I am surprised but I am happy. Now, I have my own calculator, comb, hairbrush, card, toothbrush, ball pens, magic towels and so many more.

Again, thank you very much. May God bless you and your family always!

With love and care,
Dianne Alexis

She's very sweet, and her spelling and grammar are great! But the most heart-melting part of the whole letter is what she drew at the bottom--a heart, with the words "I love you Ms. Dillon" written inside!

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