Monday, February 4, 2013

I Did It Again!

I recently received my three-year raise at work. I knew it was coming--I had already increased my "limit" number of sponsored children accordingly. However, it was almost TRIPLE the amount I expected! So I've increased my limit again, to a total of fifteen children (2 group-sponsored, 13 individual). I already had eleven individual sponsorships, so I'm being very careful and taking my time filling the last two slots.

Today, I was browsing through the waiting children for another Spotlight blog when I ran across Jessica from Ecuador. She speaks Quichua in addition to Spanish--one of the things I've been keeping an eye out for! I am excited to add her to my Sponsorship family! She's seven years old and lives with her parents, who are both street vendors. She is an only child. The family's home consists of one multi-use room, with a wooden roof and concrete walls and floor. They cook on a gas stove, and are fortunate to have running water, regulated electricity and a toilet. Jessica attends school, where her favorite subjects are Art, Math and Grammar.

I can't wait to write to her!

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