Monday, February 4, 2013

Spotlight Children of the Week, 2/4/2013

There were four indigenous children when I browsed through the waiting list this afternoon, however only three are featured here. Stay tuned for details on the fourth child!

This is three-year-old Damaris from Guatemala. She lives with her parents and one sibling on only $78 per month. The family's native language is Cakchiquel, but she also speaks Spanish. They are fortunate to have running water in their concrete and corrugated metal home, but their electricity is unregulated. Damaris is too young to attend school. She enjoys playing with dolls.

Nine-year-old Namukolo has been waiting for a Sponsor for almost three years! She lives with her parents and four siblings in a concrete and corrugated metal house in Zambia, and she does attend school. The family struggles to survive on only $80 per month. Electricity is available in her community, and her family gets their water from a community pump. In addition to Nyanja, Namukolo and her family speak Lozi. 

Seven-year-old Doris Marisol lives with her parents and two siblings in Guatemala. Her home has adobe walls and a dirt floor. They are fortunate to have regulated electricity, but they must get their water from a neighbor's faucet. Doris does attend school, and she speaks Spanish in addition to her native Cackchiquel. She enjoys playing with dolls and running.

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