Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why I Love Saturdays

I've noticed over the past two months that my correspondence from CI tends to arrive in the Saturday mail. Today was no different! The postal carrier delivered to me another of those beloved envelopes, which proclaimed, "Enclosed is a special message from your sponsored child, Hazel." This was a surprise, since I have very recently received a letter from her (in response to a letter I sent). Today's letter is a "CR" letter -- one of the two letters each year she is required to send.

Dear Ms. Dillon,
Have a great day to you.
Mother's Day was celebrated every month of May. First thing I did when I woke up in the morning was to greet my mother a "Happy Mother's Day." She looked at me and gave a smile. I also thanked her for always guiding me to be a good child. I am thankful too to God for giving me a mother who was always there when I needed her.
Thank you for all the help. The shoes that you gave were my favorite shoes. It helps a lot to me. God bless you more.
Your Sponsored Child,
Hazel Ann

This is the second letter I've received from her describing a holiday and how her family observes it -- I love it! I didn't know they celebrate Mother's Day in the Philippines just like we do here in the states!

Also enclosed in the envelope was a "CW" (welcome) letter from Joyce!

Dear Ms. Dillon,
Good day!! Thank you very much for having me as your sponsored child.
Hi! I hope you are doing okay as you read this letter of mine. 
I am Joyce T, eldest daughter of Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Miraluna. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. At present I am a Senior student of a Public School here in our place. My favorite subject is Math because I want to work in a bank as an accountant someday and I do really love numbers. Aside from Math I also love Science and Mapeh. 
My eyes are brown color, with long black hair. I am a little chubby because I do love to eat vegetables, meat and fish.
My mother is only a plain housemaid and always takes care of our needs. My father is a refrigerator and cooler daily labourer. He works hard to support our daily needs, especially with regard to our educational needs. I can say that I belong to a very simple family  but I am blessed with love and care.
Until here my letter. Thank you very much!
Sincerely yours,
Joyce T.

Wow! What a letter! She wants to be an accountant -- that's certainly different from my other girls thus far! I can tell her about my Uncle who is an accountant. I wonder what "Mapeh" is?

I am a little worried that she thinks she is chubby. She looks a very healthy weight in her photo (as opposed to many other sponsored children, who seem very skinny). Of course, I must remember that I am looking at this from an American perspective -- chubby may not have the negative connotation there that it does here.

I love the details about her family that she gives, too, especially about her father. On the family report, it only specifies "daily worker", so it's nice to know what sort of daily work he does!

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