Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hazel's IGP: Update #1

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of a fellow Sponsor and a couple of non-Sponsor friends, I have in hand more than enough to fund the refrigerator portion of Hazel's IGP, a short three days after receiving the report! I can't believe how quickly that came together, and I was left literally speechless by the generosity in particular of someone I've never even met. I cannot even find the words to adequately express how touched I am by this whole experience thus far. And I know the best is yet to come--when Hazel and her family receive the gift, and their lives change forever for the better. I know that my joy today will be dwarfed by theirs ... and I will be sure they know that joy was the work of several generous, kind, wonderful people who ALL want them to have the hope of a better future!

I will be sending this first portion of the IGP in the morning! The second portion, the FirstGiving Fundraiser for construction materials and sellable grocery stock, is coming along nicely as well -- hopefully that will complete soon and they will be able to begin the construction to improve the store!

I will be sure to post another update and photos as soon as I receive them! I'm so excited for Hazel and her family -- and so grateful for everyone who has helped make this possible!

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