Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hazel's Inquiry Report

It is with mixed emotions that I read the report I received in the mail today.

On her latest family report, Hazel's father was listed as deceased (previously, he had been listed as a daily worker). The family's monthly income also dropped dramatically, from $190 to only $60. Additionally, an older sister who hadn't previously been listed appeared on the report. I sent and inquiry to Children International, asking about the circumstances of her father's passing, the appearance of the new sister, how the family's current income is generated, and what (if anything) can be done to boost the income a bit.

The report states:
Hazel's father died of brain cancer last January at the age of 47. According to the mother, he was always complaining of severe headaches since July 2011, but due to lack of money, he did not consult a doctor about his condition until December of 2011, when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The mother at present is getting income from selling cooked food in front of their house and sometimes frozen meat products when there's available capital. With a capital of PHP500.00 or $11.71, she gets a net income of PHP100.00 or $2.35, but most of the time she is only selling cooked food due to very limited funds.

That's why the mother was overjoyed to learn about the inquiry of the sponsor regarding the IGP. she said, if this will materialize, the additional income would surely help them a lot in their everyday expenses. The mother has been dreaming of opening a small variety store in a small space in front of their house, but due to limited budget, it remains a dream until this inquiry. The whole family is very grateful for this opportunity. Since they are selling cooked food and sometimes frozen meat products they are requesting also for a refrigerator to keep the meat product frozen. They need the following to have their small store:

Assorted Construction Materials, Including Labor: $120.64
Refrigerator: $380.96
Assorted Grocery Items for Sale: $238.10
Total: $739.70

As regards to Joanna, the sister of Hazel Ann, she was out for more than a year because she had to work as a house maid in another place to help her mother with their expenses. She is now back home with the family after the father died, and if funded she will be helping the mother to manager their IGP.

Thank you.

Whew! That's a lot of information in one report! So .... $740 is a LOT of money, and it's far more than I can swing on my own. However, I can set up a FirstGiving fundraiser to try and raise the full amount. I really, REALLY want to help Hazel and her family in the wake of the loss of her father--what a sad time for them, and to be faced with such economic hardship on top of it is just unthinkable.

I will post again when I have the fundraiser page set up and ready to go. Thank you in advance to any and all who can support this endeavor--either monetarily or with words and thoughts of encouragement.

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