Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hazel's Fundraiser

After conferring with several more experienced sponsors and also having a few friends ask for an off-line way to donate, I've decided to split the fundraiser in two!

Part One: The Refrigerator
Cost: $380.96

This will be the off-line fundraiser. It was pointed out to me that, because I was planning to make a large portion of the donation myself, it is wiser to do it this way and avoid the FirstGiving fees. So, if you wish to contribute but aren't comfortable giving your credit card info to the FirstGiving website, please contact me directly and we will discuss the various options! Truly, no amount is too big or too small, and the total amount raised (even if it goes above the target) will be forwarded to Children International for Hazel and her family to use for their store.

Part Two: Construction and Supplies
Cost: $400

This will be the online fundraiser. The amount includes a rounded total of the quoted price for construction materials and labor ($120.64), the quoted price for grocery items to sell in their store ($238.10), and an extra 10% to cover FirstGiving fees. You can view my fundraising page on FirstGiving here, and can contribute online directly from that link as well! I've used FirstGiving several times as a donor--it is a safe and secure way to contribute money.

Thank you in advance to any and all who support this endeavor, be it monetarily or with words of encouragement and prayers for Hazel and her family. Words are insufficient to describe how much it means to me that there are those willing to help my precious sponsored child.

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