Friday, June 15, 2012


I have been an on-again, off-again participant in Postcrossing for over five years. It's a really fun project for people who like to receive mail and see other parts of the world. The basic premise is that for every postcard you send out, you will receive one back from a randomly-assigned participant somewhere in the world. And there are thousands of participants ... including my fellow Sponsor and LiftOner, David.

David came up with the idea to change his Postcrossing profile to include a request for people to send him cards for his sponsored children instead of for himself. I thought this was a brilliant idea! So I updated my Postcrossing profile as well, requesting that people send me cards for my girls. And send they have!

The first cards I received were from a direct swap with a lovely lady named Helen--she had already sent card for David's kids, and he recommended her to me. She lives near Disney in Florida, and sent me cards for Cristine and Yulliana:

From Helen, for Cristine!
From Helen, for Yulliana!

Next, I received cards from Katya, who lives in Belarus--she sent cards for Chris and Cristine:

From Katya, for Chris!
From Katya, for Cristine!

Then I received a card from Vihbash in India, sent for Hazel:

From Vihbash, for Hazel!
 So I would say that, so far, this experiment has been quite successful! I can't wait to send these on to my girls with their July letters ... and I can't wait to see where we receive postcards from next!

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