Monday, October 15, 2012

Still Seeking Closure

I've written before about my Joan, and how she unexpectedly left the program and how Children International was unable to locate the family. I was looking at Joan's photos on Facebook again this evening, and I noticed in one of the photos that some of her friends were wearing pants that said "Sta Monica" on them. "Aha!" I thought to myself. "Maybe that's a school!"

It sure is. Colegio de Santa Monica, to be more precise, in Las PiƱas City. So my Joan is in college--that's very heartening to know! I wonder what she's studying. Sta. Monica has several different programs, including Nursing, Education and Business Management. She was always so focused on her studies in her letters, and she often told me that Math was her favorite subject.

Browsing further along, I noticed someone with the same last name had left a comment on one of her photos. "A sibling?" I wondered, and dug out one of her old family reports. Nope! But, that gave me the idea to search for her three siblings. I started with her oldest brother, Jeff, and found him right away. He still lives in Tabaco and although I cannot message Joan due to her Facebook settings, I could message him. He speaks English, according to his profile.

What would I say, though? Could I even send a message at all without seeming like a crazy stalker lady?

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