Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spotlight Children of the Week, 10/12/2012

Children International has revamped its website! The new search features for looking for a waiting child are just awesome. So, to celebrate, I will share several young ladies who caught my eye!

One of the new changes is larger photos! Another change is the ability to view information for older children. Sixteen-year-old Marilyn, for example! She lives in the Philippines with her parents and two siblings. Their family of five struggles to survive on only $15 per month. Their house is plywood and corrugated metal, and they do not have electricity because they cannot afford it. Marilyn attends school, and enjoys playing with her siblings. She speaks Filipino and English (all children in the Philippines study English in school, but it wouldn't be listed on her profile unless she's fairly fluent).

Angie Elizabeth lives with her parents and two siblings in Honduras. She will be five years old in December, and she enjoys playing with toy cars and dolls. She's not in school yet, but she should start soon! On only $211 per month, her parents will struggle to provide her with uniforms and supplies for her studies. Sponsorship can help ease that burden and give her the hope and tools for a better tomorrow!

How could I not feature Rose Amelia?! She's wearing a Snoopy shirt! I very nearly Sponsored her on the spot. =) This four-year-old cutie lives in Chile with her mother and two siblings. Their family of four survives on $400 per month, which sounds like a lot compared to other children (especially in India and the Philippines), but the cost of living in Chile is much higher. Although she is very young, Rose already attends school--a promising first step towards a bright future!

Jennifer lives with her parents and three siblings in the Dominican Republic. She will celebrate her sixteenth birthday in November. She is fortunate to have electricity and running water available in her concrete-block house, and she is still attending school (beating the odds when so many girls her age have dropped out!). What she needs now is the support and encouragement of a friend to pursue a higher education and attain a level of independence and self-sustainability!

You can't help but be drawn in by Jairett Johana's spunk--her personality just leaps out of her photo! This sixteen-year-old lives with her mother and two siblings in Colombia. Their family of four survives on $200 per month. Jairett attends school, and in her free time she--like any teenage girl--likes to hang out with her friends. Her home is constructed of concrete blocks, with corrugated tile for the roof. The family is fortunate to have electricity and running water in their home.

Sixteen-year-old Azra has been waiting for a Sponsor for nearly a year. She, her two siblings and their parents live in India and struggle to get by on $85 per month. Their house is brick with a concrete roof, and although electricity is available in their home, they must retrieve water from a community faucet. Azra attends school and is a talented artist.

Unsure about Sponsorship? Take a test-ride by teaming up with an experienced Sponsor--me! I would be happy to co-Sponsor with you ... and if you decided after all that Sponsorship just isn't for you, you can rest assured in the knowledge that I will maintain the Sponsorship myself rather than let our angel fall back into the waiting pool. If, on the other hand, you decide you love Sponsoring SO much that you'd like to continue solo, I will be content to step aside and allow you to build that one-to-one relationship!

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