Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When Sponsorship Ends

Many of us wonder what becomes of our children when they graduate from the Sponsorship program. We are given the opportunity to send them our contact information in our final letter, but then it is up to them whether to keep in touch. If they do not, then all we can do is hope that they are leading full, happy, successful lives.

Perhaps that is why I was so deeply moved today when a former Sponsored child popped up in the CI Facebook Group and shared a link with us for the Children International Manila Alumni Association--"A membership organization of CI-Manila Alumni formed to promote leadership and volunteerism among CI-Manila SCs [Sponsored Children] and SYs [Sponsored Youth] so that they will become agents of change."

"This is our time to share" their banner proudly declares at the top of their website. This amazing group of formerly-Sponsored children returns to the communities where they grew up--sometimes in cooperation with Children International, and other times on their own. They mentor Youth in leadership and teamwork activities. They team with the Haribon Foundation to conserve biodiversity. They educate communities on the prevention of diseases like dengue fever. They have become so much more than simply successful ... they really are agents of change.

These young men and women were children just like Jie, Hazel, Jasmin, Chris, Maria, Joyce, Cristine and Yulliana. They grew up in some of the poorest communities in the world. They were given the chance for a better life and hope for the future ... and now they're creating that same chance for the next generation.

In a recent discussion on LiftOne, we were trying to calculate how many lives were actually affected by one Sponsorship. We counted in our tallies the number of people residing in the same house as our children, and we realized then that Sponsorship was so much more than lifting one child from the clutches of poverty. But none of us could have fathomed counting THIS ripple effect into our numbers--the number of people being affected by these volunteers' original Sponsors is truly immeasurable!

I am inspired by these men and women, and I wish them well in their endeavors. And who knows? Someday, my girls may be among their ranks.

Nothing would make me more proud.

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  1. As sponsors, we need to remember the power of what we do. Amazing tribute! Thank you for posting this and providing the link.