Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Day That Started It All

I was reading through my old journals today, and I found one very special entry.

Under the photo: Her name is Precy. she lives in the Philippines. It's a child like her that I will be helping.

August 13, 1996
Dear Reba,

I made an important decision today. I decided to sponsor a child. I feel so bad for all those small children who have nothing. It's so sad to think of all those children who don't get any of the help they so desperately need.

This now fits in with my plans for when I become an adult. I'm going to adopt needy children from other countries and raise them here in the U.S. I'll give them American names, but they will also know their birth names. They will speak both English and their native languages fluently. They will also speak each other's languages fluently. I will take them to visit their homeland frequently. They will lead happy, normal lives.


Well, obviously my plans for my adult life have changed a bit in the past 16 years! I haven't adopted any children, but I -have- gone on to Sponsor a total of eleven girls in that period of time ... and I plan to keep right on Sponsoring!

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