Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today's Mail and 313

For the past several weeks, I have been eagerly checking my mailbox each night when I return home from work, hoping to find an envelope with the Children International logo on it. I have several new Sponsorships, and so I am waiting for their photos, family reports, and welcome letters.

Today, I received Yulliana's photo and family report. This arrived very fast! Yulli is the newest of my new Sponsorships--I chose to Sponsor her this past Monday, having found her as I was looking for this week's Spotlight Child. She caught my eye because we share a birthday--when I turn thirty later this month, she will turn eight.

It's interesting that I've received her report and photo before the others'... I chose Joyce and Maria two weeks ago, and I've been Sponsoring Jasmin for over a month already! Wow ... that's hard to believe. This month has gone by so quickly!

Yulli lives with her parents and her three younger sisters in a one-room, concrete and wood house. She sleeps on the floor on a mat. Her favorite subject in school is Languages--this made me happy to see! A lot of my girls like math and science, so it's nice that Yulli likes the classes that I liked as a kid.

As I was placing her report in the new album I have created for her letters and photos, I noticed one more thing. Near the top, it lists the date on which the report was completed.

Hers was completed on March 13th.


313--my "lucky number", the number that appears at profoundly significant moments in my life. It was my unit at Basic Training. It was my ex-husband's dorm room number when we met. It was in the license plate of my first car. And now, it's on Yulliana's first family report.

Shared birthday. Shared favorite subject. And 313.

You can't convince me this Sponsorship wasn't meant to be!

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