Saturday, May 26, 2012

So Many Letters!

When I got home from work tonight I found an envelope in my mailbox with that beloved Children International logo. The envelope proclaimed, "A special message from your sponsored child, Jie!"

"Woohoo!" I thought, snagging it from among the junk mail. I was surprised at the thickness of the envelope--it felt like far more than a single sheet of paper inside. I scurried into the house and tore the envelope open. BEHOLD! Inside were FOUR letters from my girls!

Dear Shannon,
Have a blessful day!
Thank you for the letter. I'm happy to know that you're planning to visit our country. Hope you can come and see our beautiful country spot. In school I'll be in grade five this coming school opening. I try my best to be good in all my subjects. But now I just enjoy my school break. I stayed at home and helped my mother doing some work at home. My free time was spent in reviewing my past lesson because school opening is fast approaching. My favorite color is yellow.

Bye. Thank you for your help and God bless.
Your Sponsored Child,

Yay, she answered my question about her favorite color! Now I can get to work on her afghan. =)

Dear Shannon,
Hello!! A pleasant day to you of course and your family. It's been a long time that I didn't write to you. By the way, how are you? I hope you're okay and your family, too.
This time, I'm so busy for the exam in studying my lesson. I always do my best to have higher grades. At home, I always scan my notes during my free time to assure myself that I never get a low grade. I passed all my subjects and projects on time.
I spend my time doing household chores, like washing the clothes and cleaning the house. I never forget to take the holy mass during Sunday. I pray to God to take good care of my family and yours, too.
I want to say thank you for all the benefits and things you have shown me.
May the lord Jesus bless you always.
Your Sponsored Child,

Mt girls are so focused on their school work -- it's fantastic! Sounds like Jie and her family are definitely Catholic. That gives me something else to write to her about--my family is Catholic, too! She didn't answer my question about her favorite color ... guess I'll just have to ask again. =)

Dear Ms. Shannon,
Hello! We hope that you and your friends and family are always in good health.
I am writing on behalf of Jasmin Jane. We would like to thank you for your good heart to help others like our family. We see some photos from you. Jasmin was so happy to see you and your pet Ali`i and some of your family and friends. She loves pets too. We have two cats, Staz and Nacky. she always plays with them.
Jasmin is excited this coming school day. She loves to draw and sing and she wants to become a teacher someday.
Thank you for your support. May God bless you always.
Sincerely yours,

Staz and Nacky -- what interesting names for her cats!

Dear Miss Shannon,
Good day!
Thank you for choosing me as your Sponsored child. It's so nice to see your photos and your letter to me. I appreciated it. It's summer here in the Philippines and I enjoyed my vacation days. I am now a sixth grade student this coming school year.
God bless you and your family!
Your Sponsored Child,
"Whoever wants to enjoy life and wishes to see good times must stop from speaking evil and stop telling lies."

That's quite the quote she chose to write at the end of her letter!

Receiving these letters has just made my night! I can't wait to sit down and write to them again in June (I'm trying my hardest to limit myself to writing only once a month, so as to not overwhelm my girls or the translators with letters!). In June, I'm sending each of my girls a sheet of stickers with her letter!

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  1. What a great mail day! Very cool. Yes, most Philippinos are Catholic - their devotion is quite amazing.