Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spotlight Child of the Week, 5/17/2012

Today is my birthday! You know what would be an AMAZING gift? If one (or more) of my friends were to start a co-sponsorship with me!

This is Adriana. She lives in Guatemala with her parents and her three siblings. She enjoys drawing and music, and spends her free time playing with her siblings. Their family of six survives on $286/month. Adriana's birthday is in three days--co-sponsoring her with me would be such and amazing birthday gift for both of us!

Adriana has been tugging at my heart strings for over a week now and I really, really want to Sponsor her myself, but I simply can NOT afford another Sponsorship ... at least, not on my own.  Fortunately, Children International has begun allowing co-sponsorships and group sponsorships, so we could team up to make a difference in young Adriana's life! Can you afford $25 every other month? Or every third? The more of us there are, the less financial strain there is on any one Sponsor! And Miss Adriana will have the benefit of knowing that not only one, but MANY people support her and care about her. Plus, we'd be able to team up for special occasions to provide a Special Needs Gift than no one of us may be able to afford on our own!

Take a look at her adorable face. Can you see why I can't resist this spunky little girl? Will you make my birthday wish--and hers--come true?

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