Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hazel: Closing the Chapter

I received the letter in the mail today that formally informed me of Hazel's withdrawl from the Program. The letter states:

"Unfortunately, we've just learned from our field staff in the Philippines that Hazel's family has unexpectedly moved out of our sponsorship area because a better job became available for one of her family members ... I want to assure you that although she will no longer be a part of our program, this is a very positive step for her family ... Since Hazel's family has moved out of the area, not only is it impossible to continue her sponsorship, I'm sorry to let you know that we will not be able to deliver any final letters or photos you might want to send."

So, it's about what I expected--very similar to the letter I received when Joan left. I appreciate the included details that they moved so a family member could take a better job--Joan's family moved without specifying why, and the uncertainty was awful. I am sad that I cannot send a final letter ... and I wonder what will become of the DP that's somewhere en route from me to her for Christmas?

CI included information for a young lady named Jossa to take Hazel's place, but I've already told them I'm not ready to take another child at this time. For now, I will put that $25 each month aside, to help provide SNGs for my girls on their birthdays. When I feel ready to again add a tenth child, I will probably investigate taking a younger sibling of Anna Marie or Yojana.

Goodbye, my dear Hazel. May your new life bring with it all the hope and possibilities of the future and a new sense of security and comfort for you and your whole family.
Hazel, 2012

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