Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Letter from Yojana

Yojana, Age 16I love finding those wonderful CI envelopes in my mailbox! Today's contained Yojana's CW letter, written in Spanish:

Estimada Ms. Dillon,

Querida madrina Ms. Dillon, espero que este muy bien de salud a lado de su familia. Le cuento que estoy my feliz a lado de toda mi familia. Estoy muy felliz por ser mi madrina y audarme. Hace unas semana que paso la feria y estubo muy divertido. Tambien estoy muy feliz porque estudio y que en algunos dias estare de vacaciones. Le cuento que el deporte que mas me gusta practicar con mis companeros es el basquetbol. Me divierto mucho practicando. Tambien ayudo a mis padres en los oficinas de mi casa. Le cuento que ya hace algunos dias que paso el 15 de septiembre y estubo muy divertido porque hacieran algunas actividades y el festival de bandas y estoy feliz porque estue tocando una pandereta. Ese dia estubo muy alegre. Me despido de usted con besos y abrazos.

Yojana Aracely

And in English (my own translation from the Spanish, not CI's):

Dear Ms. Dillon,

Dear Sponsor Ms. Dillon, I hope that you are in good health along with your family. I tell you that I am very happy along with all of my family. I am very happy that you are my Sponsor and you help me. A few weeks ago the fair happened and it was very fun. I am also very happy because I study and that in some days I will be on vacation. I tell you that the sport that I most like to practice with my friends is basketball. I have a lot of fun practicing. Also I help my parents with the chores of my house. I tell you that a few days ago happened the 15th of September and it was a lot of fun because there were some activities and the festival of bands and I am happy because I was playing a a tambourine. That day was very happy. I say goodbye to you with kisses and hugs.

Yojana Aracely

The back of the letter was a multiple-choice questionnaire to share a little about her life. She indicated:

I describe myself as: very kind, shy and serious.
My favorite sport is: basketball.
In the future, I would like: to be someone important.
The most beautiful thing in my neighborhood is: the landscape.

It's interesting that she describes herself as serious--when I was putting together her DP for Christmas, I kept thinking that she would appreciate more practical items, as she seemed like a very serious girl. Of course, I only had her photo from which to derive that conclusion, but I just had a feeling. =)

I had to do a little research about September 15th -- it was the day in 1821 when Guatemala declared independence from Spain. I'm glad she got to participate in the day's festivities--it sounds like she really had a good time playing that tambourine!

I've already written and sent my introduction letter, so I think I'll soon have a CP in my mailbox too. But of course I won't wait for that to arrive before replying to this letter! =)

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