Friday, September 14, 2012

Spotlight Child of the Week, 9/14/2012

This lovely young lady is Maria Joy. She is an only child, and she lives with her parents in Legaspi (where my Jie is from). Maria has a fondness for drawing and also for reading. The family survives on only $40 per month. Maria's tenth birthday is coming up in November--give her the early birthday gift of Sponsorship so her hope for the future may burn as brightly as the candles on her cake!

Unsure about Sponsorship? Take a test-ride by teaming up with an experienced Sponsor--me! I would be happy to co-Sponsor with you ... and if you decided after all that Sponsorship just isn't for you, you can rest assured in the knowledge that I will maintain the Sponsorship myself rather than let our angel fall back into the waiting pool. If, on the other hand, you decide you love Sponsoring SO much that you'd like to continue solo, I will be content to step aside and allow you to build that one-to-one relationship!

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