Friday, September 14, 2012

Annual Photos!

When I logged into my account today, I found new annual photos for two of my girls!

Jasmin is so cute I can barely stand it! She's still five in this year's photo--her sixth birthday is next month. She's not smiling as brightly this year--perhaps the impact the flooding has had on her community is partly to blame for that. I think I'll send an inquiry to CI to find out if the flooding did any damage to her home that I can maybe help repair.

Nay-Nay is eleven years old, but I think she looks so much more grown up than that! This is far and away my favorite photo of her so far. I love that she's letting her hair grow long again. And that look in her eyes--the one that first drew me in--is still there. I am of course excited to meet ALL of my girls when I visit, but in particular I look forward to meeting Nay-Nay.

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