Monday, September 10, 2012

Hazel's Fundraiser Still On-Going!

As many of you already know, the first part of Hazel's fundraiser was completed very fast, thanks largely to an astonishlingly-generous contribution from a fellow Sponsor. The refrigerator has been delivered to her family, and I have received photos and Hazel's thank-you letter.

But there is work yet to be done! If you recall, the refrigerator was only half of the entire Income-Generating Project. Funds also needed to be raised for construction and supplies for her mother's store. This was the online portion of the fundraiser, and it is still on-going. I am raising the funds through FirstGiving--an easy, secure way to collect contributions for charitable causes!

You can view my fundraiser and make a contribution here. Truly, no amount is too small--you can see at the bottom of the page how quickly many small donations have added up to 47% of the goal amount!

I truly appreciate any support--financial, well-wishes, or otherwise--you are able to give! Hazel's family has been through so much this year (losing her father, the devastating floods), and it would be such a blessing to be able to ease their burdens and provide them with the security and peace of mind that the small store will bring to their lives.

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