Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Love Bomb Project

The Love Bomb project started on Children International's old Sponsor-networking site, LiftOne (which has now been replaced with "My Social Center"). A couple of Sponsors had some costly projects they wanted to fund for their children, and they realized that if every member of LiftOne donated $1-$2, they could easily fund the projects. So each week, a different fundraiser from the waiting list was featured as the target for Love Bombing -- a lot of great projects were funded with hundreds of small donations! There are all different types of fundraisers: paying for home improvements for a family, building a library at a community center, funding the tuition and fees for a child's education, setting up a business venture to help the family earn more income themselves ...

Over time, though, it became apparent that the Love Bombing was *mostly* being done by a few same repeat donors, and those Sponsors were becoming burnt out. The frequency was reduced to a new target every other week. Then, the Sponsor who had been coordinating the rotation had life happen and could no longer devote the time to running it. Another Sponsor took over, but we have since lost her as well.

So now I have volunteered to try and revitalize it. The new networking site has seen an influx of participation from sponsors who never used LiftOne, so the time is ripe to get new people involved! I'll be featuring the first target on April 1st, and I already have the spreadsheet set up to track the rotation and how successful the project is.

I won't be asking my friends and family to donate to each and every one of these fundraisers, of course--that would be absurd and annoying! You will see me announce the new target and share the link every other week, though--if one strikes your fancy as a worthwhile project, please do feel free to donate a dollar or two, and/or to share the link with your contacts.

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