Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spotlight Child of the Week, 3/29/14

I've been very remiss in keeping this blog updated, but life is finally settling back to normal and I should be able to post more regularly now!

Two little girls in the Philippines have caught my eye each of the last several times I've looked through the list of waiting children, and they will be my Spotlight Children this week:

Alyzon Anne lives with her parents and one sibling in a plywood house with a dirt floor. They have non-regulated electricity and they must get their water from a neighbor's faucet. With a family income of only $87 a month, they have little hope of a bright future for five-year-old Alyzon. You can change that for them by becoming her Sponsor.

Four-year-old Xyriel lives with her parents and five siblings on a monthly income of only $134. The family is fortunate to have regulated electricity access, but they must get their water from faucets in their community. This sweet angel has to sleep on the concrete floor of her family's home without even a mat to cushion her. You can bring comfort and hope to her life by becoming her Sponsor.

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