Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anna Marie's First Semester: Grades!

Anna Marie with a classmate.
I've received the final report for Anna Marie's first semester of college! She took a whopping NINE classes, including an all-day English class on Saturdays.

Her grades (GPE, letter equivalent) and courses were:
(1.5, A-) MTH 001 (Math)
(2.25, B-) SSC 001 (some sort of social science)
(1.75, B+) FIL 111 (Filipino, the equivalent of us taking English in college)
(1.75, B+) PHI 001 (philosophy)
(1.25, A) NSTP 1 (National Service Training Program, required for two semesters)
(2.0, B) ABS 001 (I can't read the teacher's handwriting very well. May be NBS, or ABC or NBC)
(1.5, A-) NSC 001 (natural science)
(2.0, B) ENG 111 (English)
(1.0, A+) P_O 111 (missing the middle letter, same teacher whose writing I couldn't read before).

Their system is stricter than here in the USA. It varies a bit from college to college, but at her school a "B" is 86%-88%, and a "B-" is 83%-85%. Her GWA of 1.6 is the equivalent of a 90% average! I'm so proud of her!

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