Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Surprise News from Joyce!

I received a CP from Joyce yesterday. I love her letters--she always answers any questions I have asked her, and she includes lots of details. This one was no different ... and it included some surprising news!

Dear Ms. Dillon,

Good day! I hope you and your family are in a good condition. I am happy that you received my birthday pictures. The outfits that you see is our school uniform. My teacher is good and lovely to us. Daisy is at the back of me in the group picture. She wears the complete uniform. In the group family picture my father was left, because he works in another city. Joseph is also a sponsor child. Jocelyn was not. Joseph's birthday is on September 19 and Jocelyn, September 17. They are the same month. My cake is strawberry flavor and I also like chocolate flavor.

By the way, we're not really affected by the typhoon Yolanda. During that storm all levels were closed, but then again we always praying for the safety of the other persons who suffered that great typhoon. We gave them some relief goods and dress. It would be a big help to them. We pray for their health and life.

This coming vacation we are planning to go outing with family and friends and also we are are going to church this coming Holy Week. Actually, I am graduating this coming March 27th. I am ready to go to college after I am graduated high school.  I am so excited to meet new friends and teachers. You are my inspiration in my study.

Again, thank you for supporting me. Take care and God bless.


She's going to college!!! I thought she had one more year of high school left. Even if she studies in a four-year program, she should finish college before she graduates out of the CI program! She was the top student in her class ... I wonder if she was able to secure a scholarship? Her father wasn't previously listed as working in another city--I wonder if he relocated to take a better job to help pay for her education? I am happy to hear that her brother is also sponsored--double the support for the family! I wonder why Jocelyn was never enrolled?

I think I'll saunter myself on over to My Account and send a special gift to celebrate her graduation and help with some of the college expenses! I have to confess that I feel an immense relief that her family can afford to send her to college, since I am stretched pretty thin with Anna Marie's tuition at the moment! I'll have to ask her what she will be studying in college, and if Daisy will be going too!

Toodling around on the internet, I found Bicol University - Tabaco, the (seemingly) only state-run university in the city and therefore the likely school for Joyce's continued education. As I read about the school, I ran across this gem:
An entrance scholarship consisting of tuition fee discount shall be enjoyed for one semester by high school valedictorians/salutatorians from a public or private of a graduating class of not less than 50 students, except those who graduated from SUCs/laboratory high schools. The overall topnotcher in the BUCET shall also qualify under this scholarship. A student who meets the mentioned qualifications must apply for entrance scholarship upon enrollment by presenting his Form 138 (Fourth Year) and a certification as to the size of the graduating class and honors obtained from the high school principal or head of the secondary school where she/he graduated as valedictorian/salutatorian. Valedictorians and the BUCET overall topnotcher shall enjoy a 100% free tuition, while the salutatorians shall enjoy 50% free tuition. Entrance scholars may become academic scholars upon meeting the qualifying average at the end of the semester.
Joyce, as previously mentioned, WAS at the top of her class. I wonder if there were at least fifty students, though? It would be wonderful if she is qualified for this scholarship! There is a whole list of other scholarships she can qualify for as her college career progresses, too: academic-based, testing-based, and participation-based!

This is also good information to keep in mind for my other girls in Tabaco--as they enter high school, I will have to let them know that their hard work can pay off and grant them access to college and a better future!

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