Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jie's Fifteenth Birthday

In February I sent an SNG for Jie's fifteenth birthday n March 11, and today I received the follow-up report and photos! Jie used the entire amount to purchase groceries for her family.

In her thank-you letter, Jie wrote:

Dear Sponsor,
Hi, how are you? I hope you're doing fine. I'm so happy for the special donation that you sent to me in honor of my birthday. I purchased grocery items for the whole family. It will serve as a very big help for the entire family. I'm very thankful for having you as very kind-hearted person. My family and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude. Take care always and God bless!
Your sponsored child,
Jie Ann

What were the child's/family's comments when the gifts were delivered?
Jie Ann profoundly thanks her sponsor for the thoughtfulness in remembering her 15th birthday. She extremely felt the joy and excitement while selecting the food commodities in their home and those that they would be needing to prepare a simple meal for her birthday. Too, her parents were intensely thankful for making their daughter's birthday a very memorable one.

How will the gifts benefit the child and/or family?
Jie Ann happily received the bountiful supply of food commodities. The gifts enabled Jie Ann and her family prepare a simple meal with her favorite rice noodles dish and some sweet treats to celebrate her 15th birthday. The rest of the grocery items provided the family with food for their everyday needs. It saved them from buying their needs using their own money. It's indeed a big blessing for them to be accorded with help in their difficult times.

Jie with her parents, Aida and Gregorio.
It's interesting that they bought nothing but food, and worrisome that the report mentions "their difficult times." I wonder if something has changed in their family recently to reduce their already-meager income? Jie's has always been one of the poorest of my families, but they have been pretty stable for the past seven years and with previous SNGs, they chose a combination of food and other items (clothes, dishes, a watch and umbrella). Her parents are getting older, and I wonder if Gregorio is finding it harder to work as a carpenter? I'm anxious to see her next Family Report and find out if anything has changed in that regard.

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