Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spotlight Child of the Week: Special Edition!

Those of you who have been following my blog know that my Spotlight Children tend to follow a pattern. Usually, they are girls. Usually, they are either a member of an indigenous group or they are from the Philippines. Today's post ... is different.

This somber young man is a very special six-year-old boy named Micky. Micky's family of five lives in Guatemala. They are so desperately poor that they do not even have their own home. Instead, they share one small room in a larger house made of scrap metal. Their few, meager possessions (including Micky's four outfits and single pair of shoes) are stored in this small, insecure place. 

Sponsorship would mean a world of difference for Micky and his family. Micky would receive clothes and school supplies, along with regular medical and dental care. Beyond these tangible benefits, your support and encouragement would let Micky and his family know that they aren't quite so alone in the world. The knowledge that someone cares has the power to bring this bright smile to his face. Won't you be the cause of that smile?

To Sponsor Micky, call 1-800-607-2080.

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