Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mixed Feelings

Today I received the response to the inquiry I sent about Yojana's education and post-high school plans. The report says:

In the first quarter (of ninth grade, last school year), she failed two subjects ... however, she made a commitment to herself to study hard to improve her grades, fortunately, she finished ninth grade with success. Yojana wants to continue studying, she would like to become a Nurse to help sick people. Her family looked for a school in which she can be able to study this career but they found out that she has to wait until she turns eighteen (she just turned seventeen). Since she is not interested in another career, she decideded to look for a job to save money to pay her career.

Yojana's parents are happy to realize that their daughter wants to become a professional. They want to support her but right now five of her siblings are studying so the expenses are many.

In the long run she won't be able to attend university because this is a non-formal education (!?!?!), she will get a degree that will allow her to work as a nurse in a hospital or in a sanatorium.

The career (program) is only one year from January to December. She will begin in 2014. Yojana and her family are thankful with the sponsor for the interest in helping her with her education and for the support they have received.

We encourage the sponsor to ask for related costs regarding the first year of Nursing Career in August 2013.

Well! That's a lot to digest. I am glad that she knows what she wants and, until she is eighteen, she is committed to working towards realizing her dreams on her own. It's frustrating that she has to wait a year--I will have to be sure to encourage her to stick with her dream. I know once people stop schooling for any length of time, it becomes harder and harder to go back to it, and I don't want her to fall into that trap.
It's interesting that she only has to study for one year to become a nurse, and that it's non-formal education. So different from here in the States!

I actually felt a small sense of relief when I opened the report and didn't see a list of expenses--after paying for Anna Marie's first semester, I was worried about how I would afford Yojana's higher education as well. Now I have the opportunity to save up a bit (though I have no real idea what the target amount is!).

I am not surprised that Yojana's parents are struggling with education expenses--she has SEVEN siblings! The two youngest are still too young for school, though it will only be another year or two. I had already planned to sponsor one of her younger sisters when she graduates the program.

So! I've got August marked in my calendar, and in the meantime I think I'll send an SNG to help the whole family!

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