Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday Mail

I stopped at my mailbox on the way out to a friend's house last night, and behold! I discovered a Children International envelope inside. Its thickness indicated that it contained more than one letter, and I was excited to open it and find FOUR letters AND two photos inside! The photos were Maria and Joyce's annual photos. They were accompanied by CR letters. In addition, there were CP letters from Jie and Jasmin!

Dear Ms. Dillon,

First of all, I would like to greet you. A pleasant hello to you and your family! I hope that you're always in good condition.

I am now eleven years old and a grade five pupil. My teacher now is Miss Carmelita Carillo. She is kind and good to us. She inspires me.

I would like to say thank you a lot for all the gifts you have given to me, like the birthday and Easter gifts and also the school supplies and Special Hug for my parents. Thank you very much for all of these. You're my inspiration and my family, too.

Take care and God bless.

Lovingly yours,
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! This is by far the most personal of Maria's letters (which is strange, since CRs tend to be less personal than CPs)--she's starting to warm up to me, which is such a wonderful feeling! And her English, as always, is just amazing.

Dear Ms. Dillon,

Hi! Good day! I hope that your family are in a good condition. May you are in good health.

I thank you for all the benefits you had shared to me. I really appreciate them. I'm so very proud to have you in our life. Now, I still continue my studies, because of your support to me. You are big help not only to me but also to my family.

Hmmf. By the way we have so many activities in our school this July, because in the Philippines it was a "Nutrition Month Celebration." We cooked a nutritious food, and eating a fruits. We had also a parade in the morning, participated by all pupils and teachers in our school, and in the afternoon have programs.

This coming Aug. 19, I am celebrationg my 14 bithday. My mother planned to go to church.

Once again thank you very much for the continuous support for me. I am praying that God will always give you guide and protection.

Take care always ..... God Bless!

Sincerely Yours,
She is the second of my girls to mention Church in relation to a birthday--is this a custom in the Philippines, I wonder? I love the "Hmmf!" ... Jie does that, too! And today is her birthday -- Happy 14th Birthday, Joyce!

Dear Shannon,

Hi!!! I'm fine here, hope you are too. I've read your messages to me. It's so nice that you go to Julio's place. Hope that your vacation there was so very good and nice. It's autumn. :) Me and my family seen the postcard that you gave to me, the bear hug, the tree stem, the kingston beach and the Fort Lauderdale.  I like the Kingston Beach, the water is very clear and very silent place ... Here in our country the most popular beach is the Boracay beach, but I never go there because it's very far to our province. Here in Bicol the best tourist spot is the perfect cone shape "Mayon Volcano." It's very nice to see. Hope you see the Mayon Volcano, especially the "Cagsawa Church." Maybe next time I will send to you a picture, so at least in simple pictures you've see the Cagsawa Church and Mayan Volcano.

Hope you like my short story. :) Till next time ... hmmpf ... love lots and more power to you and your whole entire family. Thank you.

Your sponsored child,

Hahahaha! I love this girl! He letters never fail to make me smile. I'm very happy that she mentions the postcards--looks like David's idea was a hit!

Dear Ms. Shannon,

Mabuhay! How are you, ma'am? We hope everything is okay with you.

Again I am Jasmin Jane's mother. My daughter would like to thank you for the letter and cards you sent to her. She was very happy. She often looks at the cards before she sleeps. She likes them very much. She wants to tell you that she loves swimming. She knows how to swim. She likes going to beaches although we never had chance to do that.

I would like to end this letter saying thank you for everything. Jasmi also expressed thanks and belated happy birthday!

Yours always,

Lea writes such lovely letters. I am very happy to hear that Jasmin knows how and loves to swim! Three of my girls now have mentioned a fondness for beaches -- I wonder if there is one close enough to take them there instead of to the pool when I visit? I will have to research that a bit.

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