Monday, May 4, 2015

Spotlight Children of the Week, 5/4/2015

As previously mentioned, I have determined that I will not add any new sponsorships nor take any "replacement" sponsorships until I am down to just five girls. Somehow, though, I still find myself browsing through the list of waiting children. These are the two I currently wish I could take.

Nine-year-old Roshella lives in the Philippines with her parents and two siblings in a concrete and plywood house. She sleeps on that hard, concrete floor with only a mat for cushioning. The family must haul their water from a community pump, and they have tapped their electricity illegally.

How could I *not* want to sponsor two-year-old Brianna?! That's my younger sister's name! Brianna lives with her parents and four siblings in the Philippines in a concrete house with a corrugated metal roof. They are fortunate to have running water in their home, but though electricity is available in their community, they do not have access in their house.

((Blogger's photo tool isn't cooperating at ALL at the moment ... I'll add photos to this post when I can!))

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